So rockst Du Deine kurzen Haare: die beliebtesten Pflegetipps


So rockst Du Deine kurzen Haare: die beliebtesten Pflegetipps

Damit Deine Haare immer perfekt sitzen, egal ob Du dünnes, lockiges oder borstiges Haar hast: Die Tipps unserer Profis

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28. April 2018

Con Jordan O'Brien



A new year is a time of new beginnings. A time to take stock and strive for improvement. Now, if we were one of those self-help books you get in airports, we might start talking about careers and money and cars and all that predictable business. But, frankly, we’ll leave that to the Wall Streeters. Our thoughts are a little more down to earth. A little less in the air and a little more, well, in the mirror.

As we are over the worst of the winter, that invariably means a short haircut. The question is, how best to style and care for it? To find out the dos and don’ts for every man’s hair type, we spoke to Vidal Sassoon trained London hairdresser Ben Copeland.

“The first thing to know is that to style and look after hair properly, you need the hair to be cut properly in the first place. A bad cut means a bad hair day every day. No amount of styling can change that, I am afraid. In the second instance, it pays to recognize the type of hair you have and work with its natural properties, rather than against it.



" To style & look after hair properly, you need the hair to be cut properly in the first place " - Ben Copeland -



There are 5 broad hair types: straight, curly, thick, coarse and thin – we’ll consider them in turn.


Fairly straight hair is perhaps easiest to manage. David Beckham’s hair fits into this category. It is easy to manage and you can do quite a bit with it. It’s quite a versatile type of hair. That said, there are still some hard and fast rules to get the most out of it. Do experiment with products. You don’t need to stick with one. Try a few. You might prefer Change It Up Texturising Clay or Tight Grip Fixing Spray – whatever works for you. Remember though, don’t overload it with product. Less is more – too much product never makes for a good look.



When your hair is curly, you need to work with the wave to get the best out of it. So, let’s start with what not to do. Simple: don’t blow dry it unless using a diffuser on a a very low heat. Again, blow drying can dry curly hair out and take the curl out, and as we mentioned, we want to enhance the curl.


Do, however, apply a pomade or gel product ­that is moisturising, as this means the hair won't dry out, which is never a good look. And to get the most out of the styling product, apply the product just before the hair is dry.


When styling thick hair what you are trying to do is essentially gain control of it. Remember then, in this case, product is your friend and comrade. So, apply a little product when damp and blow dry it in, working with the cut of the hair, to get the very best result. Then, apply more product once it is dry to do the final styling. Don’t: skip on the product. Thick hair can take whatever you throw at it.



" To get the most out of the styling product, apply the product just before the hair is dry " - Ben Copeland -



Coarse hair is normally quite thick and is also normally curly at the same time. With this type of hair, what you are always looking to avoid is frizziness. So, to do this you want to keep in the moisture. So, do make sure you use a soothing lotion to prevent hair drying. Also use a gel or pomade when not quite dry for best results. Don’t, however, blow dry it. Well, if you can help it anyway.


When styling thin hair, your aim is to do one thing: create thickness and body. The question is, how to do that? The key is in the blow dry using a brush and lifting hair. It follows on from that what our don’t is for this type of hair – use too much product or a heavy wax. Doing so will just reduce the sense of body.

Use a lightweight wax and nothing much more.

My final tip: whatever type of hair you have, remember you can always add product but not take it away. So, go easy and go slow."

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